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General in-person volunteers who help at the donation center, sort, organize, assist clients, clean, and support immediate service projects as needed.

Assists clients in shopping for needed items in our donation center.

Pickup Panera bread donation on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday nights @ 8:45pm and drop off donation received at Thaddeus located in La Verne.

Manages tasks, client appointments, volunteer schedules, and ensures the donation center is organized and easily shoppable.

Assists in organizing and executing events and larger projects to ensure their successful completion as needed.

Works with interns to facilitate client support groups and create a safe and supportive atmosphere while maintaining accurate paperwork for activity tracking.

Offers emotional and practical support, sets achievable goals, helps guide to overcome obstacles, and regularly monitors the progress of clients navigating life's challenges.

Offers individual guidance and onboarding, ensuring volunteers understand their roles and maintain effective communication to address their questions and concerns promptly.

Therapists (LMFT/LCSW and AMFT/AMSW) conduct therapy sessions for clients, ensuring accurate documentation and participation in collaborative meetings to enhance clinical services and support program success.

LMFTs and LCSWs create a supportive and educational environment by training interns and trainees and providing in-service mental health training to staff.

Picking up Panera Bread and delivering it to the Thaddeus Resource Center.

Offers one-on-one support, mentorship, career advice, and guidance to our staff while they carry out the designated role inside Thaddeus. (Mental Health Mentor, Case Management Mentor, Program Development Mentor, Operation Mentor, Marketing Mentor, Human Resources Mentor, Accounting Mentor, Data Scientist Mentor, and Tech Mentor)

Works with the App Squad or Web Squad.

Uses legal expertise to conduct one-on-one legal consultations, offer advice, guidance, and assistance in preparing necessary legal documents for clients facing legal issues.

Works with volunteer services to identify high-priority community needs, such as household products, diapers, wipes, personal care products, toys (Christmas), etc.

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Take initiative and join our cause to bring hope to at-risk youth, teen moms, and single moms in our community.