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A Thaddeus Mentoring Program

Engineered for Empowerment: A Thaddeus Mentoring program aims to guide and advise students with their life challenges along with their carefully curated mentor. Here at Thaddeus, we have developed a process with thought-out steps to ensure successful mentor-mentee pairing. This program is designed to have mentors and mentee's meet on a regular basis to fulfill mentee's goals and tasks. Mentors responsibilities is to ensure that mentees have someone who can be there for them for various needs such as academic and career guidance, emotional support, or just someone to talk to!

Background: Our mentoring program originally started as a place to get help with homework and tutoring. It was originally known as our Homework Hotspot. Thaddeus's Homework Hotspot played a significant role in bridging the gap between students' academic challenges and their need for guidance. However, we realized that students needed more! They had other challenges and needed guidance and support in other areas of their lives. We work to help guide our mentors and mentees across the bridge to success.

Why we do this: We expanded that original program and added a Mentoring program. This program not only connects people with similar background but can help ease our mentees minds when meeting someone new. Mentoring means that we will be able to give advice, inspire, and help not only with their schoolwork but also with other things they may be struggling with. As a mentor, we are here to help you navigate your own path to your future! We want to create a supportive environment where students can do well in school and overcome their personal challenges. We're committed to helping students grow and succeed in every way possible, we are here for you!

Women and students: The program is divided into: Women Engineered for Empowerment and Students Engineered for Empowerment. We provide different kind of supports for each section. Check the pages below to get the best experience out of this program.



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The mentor/mentee dynamic in a student setting is designed to provide guidance, support, and a positive role model to help mentees navigate their educational journey.


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The mentor/mentee dynamic in an adult environment is designed to help for women facing tough situations such as domestic violence, divorce, single parenting, or being a teen mom.

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Do you want to help a younger peer with a life experience that you also went through to ease their anxiety? Then become a MENTOR to make a difference in their lives!


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Are you currently looking for someone with similar interests and hobbies? Do you have a goal in life you want to reach, but do not know how to achieve it? Then become a MENTEE!


Interested in volunteering at the Mentoring Program?  Visit our Volunteer page and apply today!

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For inquiries or applications, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]  or call us at (909) 599-2111.

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Take initiative and join our cause to bring hope to at-risk youth, teen moms, and single moms in our community.