November 9, 2023


Yarelly Arias

Let's Talk About Relationships

Maybe you have asked yourself questions, such as what is a healthy relationship and what does that look like? To discuss what makes a healthy relationship, we must first go over what makes one unhealthy. Today's blog on Relationships will cover the characteristics of unhealthy and healthy relationships, boundaries, and consent.

Well, what does an unhealthy relationship look like? After reading the question, you probably thought about a few characteristics that make a relationship unhealthy. For example, you might have considered that having a partner that yells and abuses you makes your relationship unhealthy. You are right; however, other characteristics aren't as apparent as we think. For example, having a partner that is inconsiderate, disrespectful, distrustful, doesn't communicate, or isn’t supportive are also characteristics of an unhealthy relationship.

Of course, there are various other characteristics, such as trying to emotionally or financially control you, keeping you from getting a job or getting you fired, humiliating you, blaming you, making you feel nervous, pressuring you, guilting you, or forcing you, pushing you, shoving you, is jealous or possessive, etc. Just remember that there is no need for abuse, such as physical abuse, for a relationship to be classified as unhealthy.

Now that we have covered unhealthy relationships let's discuss what a healthy relationship consists of. Healthy relationships consist of mutual respect, honesty, trust, open communication, being supportive, being dependable, individuality, consent, and respecting boundaries. In addition, to not following any of the unhealthy characteristics mentioned previously.

As we have mentioned, boundaries are essential in a healthy relationship. Boundaries are crucial to establish the foundation for a healthy functioning relationship. These boundaries consist of physical, sexual, financial, emotional, and material boundaries. Remember, setting boundaries with your partner or others doesn't make you a horrible person.

Given that we touched upon boundaries, we also need to cover consent. Consent is essential in relationships, as much as boundaries are. Consent is a mutual agreement between partners typically referring to intimacy and sexual activity, but it can encompass other aspects, such as personal time. When it comes to consent, communication is key. Communication plays a role in giving and receiving consent. Maybe you're wondering how consent correlates to boundaries. Consent means not making assumptions and respecting the other persons boundaries.

Note: Even though we covered romantic relationships in today's blog. These discussions can still apply to platonic relationships.

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Yarelly is a Programs Intern at Thaddeus Resource Center. Her goals are to finish her associate's degree and pursue law. She loves learning new things, is always looking toward how to expand her knowledge, and enjoys projects and work that requires a hands-on approach. See you next time! Thank you for reading!

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