October 26, 2023

React-ing to Different Web Frameworks

Nam Do

In a previous article, we learned about React. However, React is not the only JavaScript web library out there. In this article, we dive into some alternatives to React.



Angular is a JavaScript web framework managed by Google. Angular uses TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. Unlike React, many of the frameworks here have a lot of functionalities already built into them. In React, if you want to make display a box on a website, for example, you have to write the code for that yourself or use a third-party library to provide you with such code. However, in Angular, there are already pre-defined codes that can help you avoid manually creating those functionalities. However, that is not to say React is inferior. Without these additional functionalities, React is much more compact and often runs faster. You are also provided with the freedom to develop these functionalities without being restrained by how Angular wants you to use them.



Vue.js is another JavaScript web framework. It is lightweight compared to Angular, but it also provides more functionalities than what React has out of the box. Vue.js can use both HTML and JSX syntax to build your user interface, while React primarily supports JSX. While some companies like Alibaba use it, this framework still has a relatively smaller community compared to React or Angular. As such, it might be harder to find support when you are troubleshooting a Vue.js issue.


Other Frameworks

The framework and library mentioned so far all deal primarily with the frontend. We left the entire backend up in the air. Of course, there are many backend frameworks, such as Node.js, Express, and Django. Knowing the frontend is only half the battle if you are planning to develop a full-stack web application.



As a note, the readers are encouraged to explore these frameworks in more detail if they haven't done so already. There are only so many details this article could cover about these frameworks.

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I am Nam Do, a web development intern at the Thaddeus Resource Center. I am a computer science major at the University of Arizona, and my favorite programming language is C#. As a programmer and artist, I love to use my passion for coding and design to support Thaddeus and its missions.