February 2, 2023

Entering the Microsoft Dataverse

Martin O’Reilly

What is Microsoft Dataverse?
Microsoft Dataverse is essentially Microsoft's way of collecting data in a SQL-like way. (SQL is standard language for storing, manipulating, and retrieving data in databases.) It functions similarly to most SQL systems, but is slightly more limited. Essentially, Dataverse is a database. This means that its able to store data in tables, columns and rows, and by doing so, allows users to make relationships between data. Unlike most SQL platforms, Dataverse is marketed as easily understood by non-programmers. They accomplish this by automating many features like filters and providing templates.


Main draws of Microsoft Dataverse
Many of Microsoft's other features like Power Automate, Power Apps, etc. Are able to directly interact with Microsoft Dataverse. What this allows users to do is to create new Microsoft Apps using Power Apps, and then have these apps grab data from the Dataverse. By doing so, Microsoft claims that a company can quickly develop data collection, querying, and collection for mobile apps.


Handling data security
Another benefit advertised by Microsoft is the ability for managers to add security to their data. They can do this by using role-based security to lock certain data behind specific privileges. For example, Dataverse would allow individual rows of a dataset to be shared on a one-by-one basis. Furthermore, as a Microsoft product, Dataverse also benefits from Azure security.


In Conclusion
Microsoft Dataverse is a great database for companies that like to keep all of their projects within the Microsoft teams ecosystem. It doesn’t aim to be the strongest database, but instead an easy-to-learn database. This simplicity allows for Dataverse to be more easily picked up by non-programmers, but in return reduces the freedom of coding new features. To learn more, Microsoft has a page explaining what exactly Dataverse is and how you can benefit from using it.

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