Quick and Easy Meal Ideas for the Average College Student  
May 8, 2023

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas for the Average College Student  

Writer: Nicole Gutierrez Editor: Lydia Poon


High fiber, lean proteins, and healthy fats are the perfect start to your day. Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast (no matter how quick!) have improved their performances in class compared to students who skip.  

  1. Instant Oatmeal Packs 
  2. Cereal with fresh fruit 
  3. Chobani Flip Cups  
  4. Granola Bars 
  5. Chia Seed Packs 

If you have a bit more time… 

  • Avocado toast  
  • Bagels and Cream Cheese  
  • Hard Boiled Eggs 


You're in between classes or taking a break during your shift and need a quick pick me up. Since breakfast usually isn't the most filling meal for college students, it is important to include lots of protein in your lunch to keep you satisfied for the rest of the day. Avoid fast food so you don't feel groggy after your meal.  

  1. Any pasta dish 
  2. Your favorite sandwich 
  3. Soup and Bread 

If you don't have time to go home or pack yourself a lunch, look for these options at the dining commons or on-campus restaurants… 

  1. Grilled 
  2. Broiled 
  3. Baked 
  4. Steamed 
  5. Roasted 

Don't forget your fruits and veggies! 


Usually this is when students have the most time to cook a meal. If you can, try to prep your meals at the beginning of the week/over the weekend to make weeknight dinners as easy as possible. 

  1. Chicken, Veggies, and Rice  
  2. Air-Fried Salmon  
  3. Fried Rice  

There are so many great resources online to help college students get into a schedule of cooking for themselves. Once you get into a routine, it becomes very easy to maintain a balanced diet as a college student. Hope this list helps and gave you some good ideas! Your body will thank you.  

 Lydia Poon is a Psych intern under the AGAPE House at Thaddeus Resource Center. She is a senior at UC Berkeley undergoing her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. After graduation, she plans to get a Master's in Social Work in hopes of being a licensed therapist. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, playing Valorant, going to the gym, and playing the guitar.

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