Managing Pressure for College Students: Tips for a Stress-Free Journey
November 9, 2023

Managing Pressure for College Students: Tips for a Stress-Free Journey

Carol Chan

Pressure is a common challenge faced by college students, often becoming a significant source of stress. According to the latest Stress in America report by the American Psychological Association, a staggering 87 percent of college students consider their education a primary cause of stress. This blog post explores effective strategies to help college students release stress and maintain a healthier, more balanced life.

Releasing Tension:

Feeling constantly tense can lead to muscle aches, exhaustion, and negatively impact overall well-being. Classroom studying can contribute to this tension. To alleviate this, consider incorporating releasing stretches into your daily routine. These simple exercises utilize progressive muscle relaxation techniques to help you identify, release, and manage accumulated muscle tension, thereby reducing stress.

Cultivate a Support Group:

Taking a walk outdoors can significantly improve your mental state. As a personal example, I incorporate a daily 30-minute walk during the evening. This time allows me to unwind, enjoy my favorite music, and return home feeling refreshed. After a rejuvenating shower, I can resume my tasks with increased energy and a clearer mind. Incorporating such walks into your routine can prevent your mind from becoming overwhelmed with work-related stressors.

The last tip is have the support group  

Developing a strong support network during your college journey is paramount. Seek out friends who share your goals and ambitions. Collaborating with like-minded individuals not only helps combat feelings of isolation but also fosters a sense of camaraderie. By encouraging each other, you can navigate challenges together, alleviating stress and enhancing the overall college experience.

Incorporating these three practical tips into your daily routine can lead to a more manageable and less stressful college experience. As the new school year approaches, remember that these strategies are not only beneficial for managing stress but can also contribute to your personal growth and overall well-being. Here's to a productive and enjoyable semester in 2023!


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The author is Carol Chan.

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