October 29, 2021

The Link Summary

Jenny Vanessa Reyes

The website WebMD was created for those seeking  information about either their health or medications that were prescribed to them. This website allows people who are not medical professionals to look up disorders, illnesses, diagnoses, and prescribed medications so that they are able to ask further questions to their doctor or psychiatrist. WebMD is especially helpful because it can be very difficult to know how a medication will affect your daily life when it is prescribed to you. For example, if you have been prescribed Ambien for sleep problems (insomnia), you may have questions such as the following:

  • What are the side effects? 
  • Should I change my eating or drinking habits?
  • Is it safe to drive a car when taking Ambien? 

All of these questions can be answered by WebMD. However, as wonderful as it is to have a site that lists various mediations and has information on disorders/diseases, you still need a professional doctor or psychiatrist to prescribe the right medication and dosage for you. If you have any questions or concerns about a medication you are taking, please speak with your doctor and don't rely solely on WebMD. In addition, if you feel you want to talk more about stress, depression, anxiety, or are feeling uncertain about your life choices, please consider seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist. You can also visit Thaddeus.org website for free counseling, life coaching, and case management for you and your family. 


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