March 15, 2023

Self-Care & Self-Confidence

Yarelly Arias

Let's Talk About Self-Care & Self-Confidence

Maybe you have wondered what is self-care, what is self-confidence, and how do I go about it. First let's start off by understanding what self-care and self-confidence is. Self-care is "a conscious act a person takes in order to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health." Something important to remember about self-care is that it is not a luxury; it is a priority. Self-confidence on the other hand "can refer to general sense of trust in one's ability to control one's life, or it can be more situation specific."

Now that we have discussed what self-care and self-confidence are, maybe you're wondering how do you achieve them, how do you start, and what are the benefits. Let's first dive into self-care. Self-care can be broken down into five types. These types are physical, social, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Self-care in these five types looks different. In physical self-care it is sleeping, exercising, eating healthy food, etc. In social self-care it is in-person interaction, etc. In mental self-care it is reading, trying to be mentally healthy, etc. In spiritual self-care it is deeper thinking, your religion, etc. In emotional self-care it us processing emotions healthily etc.      

Some benefits of focusing self-care into these types is a reduction in anxiety and depression, reduction in stress, improving resilience, improving happiness, increasing energy, reducing burnout, and stronger interpersonal relationships. Maybe now you're wondering, well how do I start? In order to start self-care in these areas, you need to assess your needs, consider stressors, devise your own self-care strategies, plan for challenges, take small steps, and schedule time to focus on your needs. Now that we have gone over self-care, let's dive into self-confidence.

Self-confidence as we discussed earlier, is very different to self-care. First let's look at the difference between a confident people and insecure people. Confident people celebrate other's success, are open-minded, are optimistic, willing to take risks, laugh at themselves, are decisive, are always learning and growing, admit mistakes and accept responsibility. Insecure people judge and are jealous of others, are close-minded, are pessimistic, are afraid of change, hide flaws, are indecisive, blame others, and make excuses.

Some of the benefits of self-confidence are better performance, healthier relationships, openness to try new things, and resilience. Maybe you're wondering, well, how can I be more confident? A few tips into becoming a confident person is to stop comparing yourself to others, surround yourself with positive people, take care of your body, don't forget self-care, be kind to yourself, practice positive self-talk, face your fears, do things you're good at, know when to say no, and set realistic goals for yourself.

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Yarelly is a Programs Intern at Thaddeus Resource Center. Her goals are to finish her associate's degree and pursue law. She loves learning new things, is always looking toward how to expand her knowledge, and enjoys projects and work that requires a hands-on approach.