April 27, 2022


Kia Marion

Thank you for joining me to learn about Networking. Look for more blog post from me in the near future.


What is networking?

Networking is when you connect with others and their resources. This is where you would "build a relationship" by getting to know people and finding out how you can help each other. This is very important as it will help your business grow as well as theirs.


A great example of networking would be when I worked for the bank and we would set up luncheons to meet our clients and see if there is anything that we may have to offer them and vice versa. With this we may have some Accountants who can put our name out there and in turn give us more business. We would in turn do the same to boost their business clientele.

Five steps to networking:

1.                SHOW UP: Be prompt. There are many of us who sometimes show up late or leave early. It is best to meet before things get hectic, so that you are more relaxed.

2.                ASK QUESTIONS: Always ask questions and never assume you already know everything. You should be interested in other people and what they may have to say.

3.                HAVE A PLAN: Try to meet at least three to four people and exchange your information. When handing out business cards, put something on the back of the card saying where you met.

4.                FOLLOW-UP: Always follow-up. Let them know how your meeting made an impact and propose another date to meet informally.

5.                MEET AND REPEAT:Keep in touch, stay fresh in their mind. This will stick with them in case something comes up that will help your business and theirs.


To learn more about networking and tips to be successful, check out the video below.


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My name is Kia Marion. I have always had a strong passion for helping others which made me pursue a degree Bachelors of Science in Human Services with a concentration in counseling. I will graduate in March 2022 with honors. I chose Thaddeus Resource Center as they stood for everything I believed. I plan to spend my life doing the mission to empower women and give them a voice.