April 14, 2022

Conflict Resolutions

Kia Marion

Conflict Resolution:

According to Harvard Law it can be defined as a process that is formal or informal and two or more parties may use to find a solution that works for everyone (Shonk, 2021)

In life there will always be things that we come across that may cause conflicts. Whether it is school, work or home. Sometimes things can be hard to deal with and therefore there are steps that one can take in order to resolve the issues.


An article that I have come across explains five steps that can be used to deal with conflicts:(AMA Staff, 2019)

    Define what the source is for the conflict- Make sure you have plenty of information about what may be the problem and this     will make it easier to resolve. To do this you should ask a few questions such as " When did the problem arise?", "How did it     begin"? Look ahead beyond what the incident may be- The reason that you may be upset may not be as big as you see the problem. Take a minute and think about it. Once you are calm you may be able to think and find out what needs to be done to solve the issue. Ask for solutions- Everyone wants to be right but if you stop and talk and ask for solutions it can be solved calmly. Basically stop pointing the blame but try and find a way to fix the issue. Find solutions that both agree on- This goes without     saying if you still don’t agree on the solutions then it will cause problems all over again "WORK IT OUT". Agreement- There will sometimes need to be a person who  has nothing to gain either way, which would be a mediator. This person would revert back to     what we said in step 4 and to choose an agreement and have both parties to shake on.


These steps can work also in our own line of work as we will have clients who are going through things with different family members or their spouse. The steps above can also help, it doesn’t matter the situation as long as both sides can come to an agreement, in the end it will come together.

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