March 18, 2022

Tying in your Career Pursuit with your Passion

Brianna De La Torre

We spend the majority of our lives working towards a career where we can become financially stable. Most of us take it a step further and seek careers that fulfill our passions and morals. Ideally, having a job that fulfills both categories will make you overall happier. We spend so much of our time working and if you are not passionate about your work, it can lead to mental strain and can make you more susceptible to burnout. This blog is going to go in depth on why it is important to tie in your career pursuit with your passion as well as how to successfully accomplish it.

Overall Performance Improvement

Adding passion to your workplace can help you realize your full potential. It makes your work meaningful and leads you to feel more excited about your tasks and projects. Naturally, your overall performance will improve than if you were at a job where you feel forced to go because you're only receiving financial gratification. We all have experience working at a job where we weren't fully content, whether it be at a first job, a job that offered you the most financial growth, etc.. It can become a chore in of itself going to work knowing you would much rather do something else. However, by pursuing a career where your passions and talents can flourish, you will be more inclined to work and  your overall performance will improve as a result.

Identify Your Passions and Talents

Identifying your passions and talents is essential and you should strive to analyze your strengths and find correlations in the things you like and enjoy doing.  You can do so by writing down your hobbies, what you spend the most of your time doing, and the things you spend your money on. Additionally, thinking about your strengths and considering the topics you enjoy discussing can also allow you to understand yourself better and can later lead you to jobs where you can further explore your passions and talents.

Find a Job your Passionate About

Identifying jobs where you not only meet their qualifications, but they meet yours is key to ensuring you find a job you are passionate about.  Looking at certain aspects of the company such as the company's mission and vision and evaluating how well they align with your passion is important. Moreover, analyzing the job description to see how well it fits your personality, passion and talents can give you a glimpse in seeing how happy you would be working at the company and in that job position. During the interview process, it will be helpful to ask the interviewer what a working day looks like for an employee with the same job title you're applying for. You can then utilize that information to see how well you'll fit-in in that job.

Explore Your Career Paths

Exploring your career paths and allowing yourself flexibility when presented with different job opportunities can lead to a quicker process when tying in your passion within your career pursuit. If you remain closed off to certain opportunities simply because they don't align with your original career plan, than you are potentially stunting your own career growth and not realizing your potential. You might be surprised at what you might enjoy and learn about what you are truly passionate about by giving yourself the opportunity to explore.

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