August 5, 2022

Tips To Have Better Work Mornings

Arianna Mourra

Everyone can have trouble waking up early in the morning and even have more trouble if it is for work. Wanting to stay in bed, believe me, it happens to all of us. Sometimes we just need a little push to get out there. Learn some tips on how to have better mornings and be better prepared for work. 

1. Find a cause. That is the reason to get up early. It could be a statement that only losers sleep late, or that there is too much to do, or that by 10am, all the beach loungers are already filled with towels from more agile vacationers. Find your motivation.

2. Forget about the snooze button. Make it clear at the right time (6-7 in the morning). The alarm clock rang: don't pull your hand to the Snooze button, get up!

3. Consider the consequences of your "just 5 more minutes!" Personally, my 5 minutes can turn into 10 and sometimes even 30 minutes. Every extra minute you spend in bed can put you back to sleep.

4. Sleep soundly and long enough. If you can't sleep, it doesn't matter what time you get up. You will still feel overwhelmed. A healthy and full sleep is the foundation of a vigorous day.

5. Make your bedroom a nice place to relax. From the color of the wallpaper on the walls to the pattern of the sheets, these are all very important factors as well. So is the pillow you sleep on. Even better, if you position your bed so that the morning sun shines directly into your eyes, you definitely won't be sleeping for long.

6. Open the window. I myself have noticed more than once that you just have to ventilate the room well before going to bed, since you fall asleep much faster.

7. Proper nightwear. It should be comfortable. Nightgowns that end at the ears in the morning are not very conducive to deep sleep.

8. Go to sleep with happy thoughts. And don't try to scroll through project delivery readiness in your head.

9. Create your own bedtime ritual. For my son, for example, this is a required reading of a book and a glass of water at night (milk still can't slide). For you it may be listening to nice music or reading a book.

10. Avoid "night traps". This is when your hand reaches for an interesting magazine or book, or perhaps a TV or computer remote to see if anyone has commented on your post. The latter is especially dangerous, since we are all familiar with "Honey, someone on the Internet is wrong!".

11. Dinner should be light. And avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages at night.

12. Take a shower before bed. You can use lavender oil, very relaxing. For children, it is good to prepare a collection of sedatives and add it to the water. Although on particularly difficult days, such a bathroom is suitable for you.

13. Try to always go to bed at the same time. And even on weekends.

14. Turn off all lights completely. It is best to sleep in total darkness. If the night light is on, your body will not be able to fully relax and will be on guard all the time. And what is a healthy and deep sleep here?

15. Find the right alarm melody. It shouldn't be too soft, otherwise you won't wake up. But it is also better not to choose too sharp and strong. She can be quite annoying. It would also be good to put the alarm clock somewhere far away so you have to get up.

Remember, just prepare yourself that you need to get out of bed, but for that to happen more smoothly, prepare better for it. To learn more about life outside of work and how to handle it, click here: Work Life Balance

Arianna is a Graphic Design intern at Thaddeus Resource Center. She is majoring in Graphic Design at Texas Christian University in Texas. She aspires to become part of a bigger company when graduating and sharing her designs with the world.