April 22, 2022

Tips for Keeping a Good Relationship with Parting Employees

Brianna De La Torre

Losing a valued employee, for whatever reason it may be, is never something that is easy for management and employers. We spend so much time at our jobs and with our coworkers that those close relationships are hard to let go of as they move on to better opportunities. However, it is important to keep good relationships with parting staff for reasons such as the possibility of them returning, good referrals and recommendations from old employees to potential candidates, overall strong employer brand, and good alumni reviews. Below I have included 4 tips on how to keep a good relationship with those who leave.

Part Ways Amicably

When an employee is initially hired, it is a voluntary agreement for both the employer and employee. It is inevitable that the employee will leave the company eventually. Never hold any animosity for the employee simply for wanting to terminate their employment. Regardless of why the employee has decided to part ways, make sure that it is done amicably. It isn't wise to burn any bridges as it could lead to unfavorable alumni reviews and decrease the chance of referrals from former good employees.

Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch with former workers is an effective way to increase the overall employer brand and can even lead to the possibility of returning good employees. Additionally, it can result in referrals from previous employees which is extremely beneficial for the company as it would give them a competing advantage from other direct competition. Candidates are looking at work environments as one of the important factors when considering a job position and hearing how well a company is from someone, they trust is a great way in attracting candidates.

Celebrate Their New Opportunities

If an employee is resigning because of a new opportunity, celebrate it and be happy for them. It's an exciting time for them and we all know how excited we were when we were given an exciting opportunity. You can go out to eat with them or throw them a "going-away" party. Additionally, you can provide some advice for them. Demonstrating you care will show them that they were valued in the company.

Vocalize Your Gratitude

Ensure that you are vocalizing your gratitude for the time and effort that the employee put in whilst working at the company. Everyone loves feeling appreciated and if they did a satisfactory job, then make sure they leave knowing they did a great job, and their work was appreciated. You can also mention their growth within the organization. The point here is to appreciate the work of your parting employees because it will help in maintaining a good relationship between the employers and employees.

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