September 1, 2022

Retention & Turnover – reasons employee stay vs leave

Retention & Turnover – reasons employee stay vs leave

No matter the title, employers are the base for a strong and successful company. When someone leaves their job, it affects management and team dynamics. In order to prevent employees from leaving, it is essential to understand their reasoning behind choosing to leave as well as to stay.

Top five reasons why people quit

1. Toxic company culture. A hostile working environment will impact employees’ mental and physical health and the value of their work.

2. Low salary. Life expenses are increasing every day. A high workload and low salary can make everything harder for the employee.

3. Poor management. Communication and time management is the key to keeping a company running. Without it, there will be chaos which will lead to a hostile working environment.  

4. Unhealth work-life boundaries. Even though it is essential to have a good relationship between co-workers, there should be a line between personal and work life. Mixing them can lead to gossiping and judgmental environments.

5. Not allowing remote work. With the pandemic work dynamics and our priorities changed a lot. People with health issues are extra cautious. Thus, providing employees with work models and respecting their decisions is something that the management must keep in mind.

Top five reasons why people stay

1. Good salary. As I mentioned before, living expenses are increasing every day. A good salary will not only comfort employees but also encourage them to invest more in their job.

2. Mentored by other co-workers. Peer-to-peer learning help employees to adjust and connect to their working environment better.  

3. Challenging works. Creating opportunities to improve employees’ skills is very important. This promotes the feeling of productivity and increases the personal growth of employees.  

4. Rewards. This is a way of showing appreciation for your employees’ hard work. Rewards like employee of the month or promotions will motivate them to be more productive.  

5. Feeling valued. Respecting and appreciating your employees' hard work results in a higher level of engagement and motivation. It will also create a better working environment and culture at work.

Overall, creating a positive working environment plays a key role when employees decide whether to leave or stay. Showing employees that they can grow with their company and apricating their work will make them feel valued and encourage them to stay.