April 8, 2022

Motivational Strategies - How to Promote Staff Engagement and Interaction Remotely

Kathy Nguyen
    Stay Connected Through Technology

Staff members can connect with others through the usage of technology. They can use platforms such as Team, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Slack in order to keep streamline communication with each other. Team members can take advantage of using their cameras when communicating with one another. Being able to see faces during the virtual call can help with the conversation flow. Scheduling staff meetings and team meetings on a regular basis is essential. This can help remote workers feel like they are apart of the team.

    Foster Social Interaction

A drawback employees may be having working remotely is loneliness. Employees can foster team connections through social hours, team-building activities, video calls, and video chats. New staff members can be assigned to buddies so that they can have someone to ask questions and lean on when necessary.  If possible, there can be in person banquets, retreats, team bonding to strengthen those connections.

    Recognize Employee Contributions

Remote workers tend to put a lot of hours in compared to in-office workers. A lot of the times they struggle with feeling like they are a part of the team. A solution would be to have employee recognition as a priority. Employees can get nominated for employee of the month for the work they have accomplished. There can also be an online recognition platform to allow every employee to view, comment on, and give recognition to who they choose. Having this recognition will help workers feel valued, connected and appreciated.

    Make Employees Feel Heard and Valued

Employees deserve to feel appreciated even from far away. Being at home it is harder to ask employees to take them out for their work anniversary or find small ways to celebrate the individual. If it is someone's birthday you can send them a virtual gift card or happy birthday card. Miscommunications are common when it comes to working remote. It is important for the manager to be available for one-on-one meetings. In doing so, employees can a talk with the manager one on one and discuss about any questions and concerns they may have.

    Support Your Newest Hires

A lot of new hires feel that they are not equipped to do their job. A lot of new hires need extra support when working from home. Mangers can provide additional training, resources, and have communication with the new hires. New employees can have information such as login credentials and document access. New hires can be given how to documents and that will help them understand their tasks better. They can provided with clear training on processes and technology. They should have resources and equipment to make sure they do their job well.




Kathy Nguyen is a Psychology student at the University of California, Riverside. While going to school, she is also a research assistant in the Leadership and Groups Dynamic Lab at the University of California, Riverside. She also takes the role of a Human Resource and Psych intern at Thaddeus Resource Center. After graduating college, she aspires to become an I/O Psychologist.