December 4, 2021

How to Deal with Workplace Conflict

Kathy Nguyễn

Managing workplace conflict is necessary for a company to succeed. Managing conflict can help find creative solutions to the internal relationship issues that may arise. It can help companies from having negative environments that can stress and demotivate employees. Finding solutions to the workplace conflict will help companies meet their organizational goals.  

Tip #1 Identify the Source of the Conflict 

It is important to identify what is causing the conflict. This will enable you to understand how the issue started and developed. You will need to assess the perspectives of both parties on the cause of the issue. It is important to identify the needs of both parties. Ask both parties questions to reach a compromise. Questions should be asked until both parties are confident what the issue was. 

Tip #2 Investigate the Situation 

After listening to both parties, further investigate the case. Do not base your conclusions or make a final verdict based on how you feel at the moment. It would be helpful to dig deeper and find out more about what happened, the issue, and how people are feeling. You should have individual conversations with who was involved in the conflict and try to understand their viewpoints. You should also try finding any underlying sources that may not be noticeable. 

Tip #3 Listen Carefully 

When you have a conflict with another person in your word place it is important to hear them out. It would be beneficial to listen what the person has to say instead of getting ready to react. It would be helpful to avoid interrupting the other person when they are speaking about the issue. When the other party has described what the problem was you should rephrase what was said to make the other party knows you understood. It is also important to ask questions to make sure you understand why there was a conflict between you and another person. 

Tip #4 Agree on the Best Solution and Determine the Responsibilities Each Party Has in the Resolution 

Managing and resolving conflict is necessary for a business to succeed. Employees work best when they share a common goal, which is meeting what the company objective is. After, investigating the situation it would be best to determine ways to resolve the issue. Both parties have to figure out what the best solution is to resolve the issue. It would be important to reach a compromise where both parties are content. Lastly, it would be beneficial to find out the responsibilities of each party to resolve the conflict. You should be able to get to the bottom of the issue to preventing it from happening again.  

Tip #5 Evaluate How Things are Going and Decide Preventative Strategies for the Future 

Effective communication is necessary for businesses to succeed. It is important to keep in mind what would be the second step to effective communication? Knowing the answer to this will help the company reach its goals for the company. It is important to keep an eye on the issue and figure out solutions that are effective. If issues ever arise again, necessary action will be needed. People will tend to disagree with each other in the workplace. However, to resolve the conflict you can search for more informational lessons online to find better strategies to prevent this. This will help you address the issue that resurfaces and develop your conflict management skills by training.  


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Kathy Nguyen is a Psychology student at the University of California, Riverside. While going to school, she is also a research assistant in the Leadership and Groups Dynamic Lab at the University of California, Riverside. She also takes the role of a Human Resource and Psych intern at Thaddeus Resource Center. After graduating college, she aspires to become an I/O Psychologist.