April 15, 2022

How to be helpful to new employees during the onboarding period

Lisa Williams

Make them feel welcome

On-boarding a new job can be very nerve wrecking when you don’t know what to expect. Once one has accepted the offer you can stay in touch with the new hire. Give them a call and welcome them. Thank them for accepting the offer and let them know how excited you are as a team that they will be joining you, also covering any questions they may have. Another thing is making sure that they have access to training videos for their new position, that they way the know the procedure/what to expect.

First Office Visit

This day is important for the new hire. You should provide them with a transparent glimpse of a day in the life at your office. This is your opportunity to show them where they will be working, where the kitchen is, and the opportunity to introduce them to everyone. This will also allow the new hire to ask you any questions they may have regarding their new position.

Have the new employee’s workstation ready to go

Having a “home base” that is ready for your new arrival is crucial to an employee’s first impression of your company. As a new employee, nothing is worse than not having the tools you need to be successful. Setting up the new employees’ computer, email, and phone numbers ahead of time, and providing any necessary office supplies, can help a new colleague feel valued from day one. This gives the new employee the tools to perform their best.

Encourage managers to engage with new hires

Managers play a big roll when it comes to onboarding especially because new employees look to please their new managers. So, if possible, have your manager go over team goals, and their vision on what they expect from the new employee. This would give your new employee comfort in understanding their duties, but also what their boss expects out of them.

Having a Buddy System

Lastly, another helpful tool would be to implement a buddy system. A buddy could be an employee who is friendly, knows the company very well, and will be able to answer any questions the new hire will have. Having a buddy for the new employee could take off the anxiety of the unknown.




Lisa Williams is the onsite manager here at Thaddeus. She is a mother of 3 kids and loves giving back to families in need with her knowledge in the needs of her community.