December 18, 2021

How Mission, Vision, and Values Benefit Business

Brianna De La Torre

A company's mission, vision, and values create the culture and atmosphere amongst the organization's staff. It directly impacts the success of the company because it forms their identity and is the driving force of their growth. Considering its importance, it is crucial to consider the company's mission, vision, and values in the recruitment and selection process because it will lead to greater success in attracting and retaining talented employees. As an HR team, it is vital to not only evaluate the skills and knowledge of an individual, however to also consider how they align with the company's values and culture. Doing this will in turn lower the chances of the employee leaving anytime soon.  

This blog post will discuss how to use your company's mission, vision, and values in the recruitment process in order to benefit your business. I will specifically be touching on 3 ways that your company's values facilitate the recruiting process and ultimately benefit your business. 1) Attracting Talented Workers 2) Recruiting Like-Minded Individuals 3) Lower Turnover Rates

Attracting Talented Workers

We all know what it's like to go through job sites and read through so many different job opportunities and companies.  Often times companies will try to have a competitive edge through their pay and compensation structures, however money is not the sole factor in determining whether the candidate will choose one job over another. Most workers want to feel self-fulfilled at their jobs and feel as though they have a purpose in what they do. Often times when recruiting candidates whose sole purpose of selecting their job was due to the large monetary compensation, they will grow frustrated with their work and not perform their tasks at their full potential. This is where organizations can use their values and mission as a competitive advantage. As a business, you can attract talented employees by promoting your brand values and aligning your goals and ambitions with your mission statement. This will help attract talented candidates to your business.


Recruiting Like-Minded Individuals

In the onboarding process, it is important to expose the new hire to the company's mission and values early on. At different stages of the hiring process, the values should be discussed and emphasized. During an interview with a prospective candidate, ask yourself, "How well does this candidate align with the companies values?" and "How well will they be able to fulfill the business's mission?"  By doing this, you are not only evaluating the knowledge and skill from the prospect, but are also seeing how well they fit with the company and culture. This will help in reducing wasted time and costs from selecting the wrong candidate. Recruiting candidates that can all relate and believe in the mission will lead greater success in achieving the goals of the organization.

Lower Turnover Rates  

Now that you have attracted and selected talented like-minded individuals, the chances of the new hires staying at the company for a longer period of time have significantly increased.  Since the new hires believe in the values of the business, they will feel as though they are making a difference and have a sense of purpose. Attracting top talent is important, and can be done with money and benefits, however attracting and retaining talented workers will lead to the long-term success of the business.


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