November 20, 2021

Health Advocacy

Kayla Pham
Tips on How to Advocate for Your Own Health

With the recent pandemic that has become prevalent throughout all societies around the world,  you may be feeling anxious returning to your pre-pandemic lifestyle. This could include going to in-person classes, packed sports stadiums, or even going to the grocery store full capacity. With the return of normal life, you want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to stay as healthy as you can as an individual. Below are some tips and advice on how to advocate for your own health.  

Tip #1 : Do not be afraid to ask questions!

When meeting with your physician, make sure to clarify and ask any questions that you may have. Your physician may be utilizing jargon that is difficult for you to understand or recommending procedures you are not fully educated on. Ask for clarification on terms that you do not comprehend so you are able to get a clearer understanding of what you may have. Additionally, ask your doctor to elaborate on the side effects and disadvantages of a recommended action. Although it may be intimidating to ask your doctor to go into more depth or clarify certain steps, it is vital  for you to gain the necessary knowledge in order to choose the best plan of action for yourself.  

Tip #2 : Understand the benefits your health insurance provides.  

We are all aware that medical bills can be extremely costly. By educating yourself on what your healthcare insurance provides, you will either be better prepared to pay those costly bills or leave the hospital with a less expensive medical bill. With the on-going pandemic still taking place today, it is especially important for you to understand the healthcare services you are provided with.  

Tip #3 : Know your rights at work.

Knowing your rights can assist you in navigating difficult situations at work. For example, in the instance that you do get sick, make sure you know how many days you are able to get off in order to fully recover from your illness. Ask your Human Resources Department if they provide work from home in case your illness is long-term. By requesting more detailed information, you may be able to resolve conflicts in your favor when it involves your employer.  

Hopefully, these tips are able to help you navigate ways to advocate for your own health especially with the on-going pandemic. Although this information is not something that you may need right now, it is useful information that you are able to utilize when a family member or friend is in need of advice. This information may also be useful for future situations you may encounter as well. Be an individual who is proactive about your health, so you are able to live a long and hearty life!  


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