January 8, 2022

How to Show Employee Appreciation

Kayla Pham

A company is made up of its employees and all the work that they accomplish. Due to this, it is important to recognize and appreciate the work each individual contributes. By doing so, employees will become more motivated to maintain and improve upon their performance along with remaining loyal to the business. Portraying employee appreciation will not only benefit individuals working under the organization, but will also assist towards the prosperity of the business. Below are a few ideas on how to show your employee that they are valued.  

  1. Celebrate Birthdays  

Celebrating employee's birthdays is a great way to recognize their presence and hard work in the company! You can decorate their office, buy them a cake, or even allow them a day off in order for them to spend the day as they please.  

  1. Have an Off-Site Day  

Going on a walk to get some coffee with your team would be a great way to change up the scenery. Rather than sitting in a board room to discuss the topic of the day, you can take your team somewhere to get coffee and discuss those topics then. By doing so, employees will have a change in routine and may feel more relaxed and excited to continue working for the rest of the day. This would be a great way to avoid burnout among employees.

  1. Employee of the Month  

Reward your hardest working employees with a reward for winning Employee of the Month. This will reveal to your employee that you recognize all the hard-work they are contributing to the team and that you appreciate it.  

  1. Implement a Peer Recognition Program  

Set a space aside where employees are able to post sticky notes on the wall that compliments their peers. This can boost employee engagement along with creating a positive work-culture. This could also reduce the turnover rate occurring within the company.  


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