September 7, 2022

Aligning Person Goals with Company’s Goals

Simay Savas

Aligning Person Goals with Company’s Goals

In my last blog I mentioned reasons for retention and turnover. One of the reasons for retention was “Changeling Work”. For this bullet point, I mentioned the benefits of creating opportunities for employees to improve their skills and help them grow personally. Another advantage of this strategy is related to the company’s productivity. Aligning personal goals with the company’s goal will lead to higher productivity and success. Here are some ways to achieve this.

  1. Creating opportunities

It is essential to offer new resources to employees to achieve their personal goals. These opportunities do not have to be training or certificate programs. They can be book clubs, networking events, public speakers, growth time, workshops, and lunch and learn events.

  1. Helping employees to improve their visions and goal

It is very important to allow employees to set their own goals and create environments to share their visions with others. To help them achieve their goals, managers can help them when it comes to planning and drafting their employees’ goals.

  1. Be clear

Both individual and company goals must be clear to reduce conflicts. It is also essential to ensure that your employees understand their roles and responsibilities. Creating plans and deadlines for some goals can be useful as well.

  1. Communication

Sometimes goals might not align and it is important to communicate with your employees in situations like that. Discussing the issues, they are facing and working together to solve them is the key.

Even if goals are aligned, communicating with your employees, and checking how they are doing is still important. This will create strong connections between managers and employees and increase productivity.

  1. Weekly meetings

Meeting with your employees weekly and discussing their improvement and goals is very important. These meetings will show your employees that they are valued and managers are grateful for their hard work. Building strong connections will also lead to high productivity.

Overall, it is important to keep in mind the power of communication. Beneficial communication can solve many problems and improve the company and employees in many ways.


Hi! My name is Simay Savas, I am a Human Resources Intern at Thaddeus. A little about me, I am from Ankara, Turkey. I am studying at Purdue University majoring in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology. I hope you enjoyed my blog!