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Meet our amazing tutors and
support group facilitators!


Mike Blise  

Mike has a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University. He has worked as an electrical draftsman, designer, construction cost estimator, and an estimating manager leading a team of estimators across multiple locations as they grew from $19M to nearly $1B in annual sales volume.

He is excited to be able to help many great young minds realize their potential though attention and guidance in addition to help build their confidence and potentially make a difference in their lives. He is interested in tutoring because he has helped educate many young adults in his working career and has enjoyed helping and watching them advance their own careers from there. 

Susana Echavarria

Susana attends the University of California, Irvine with a double major in History and Education Sciences. She has three years of experience in tutoring middle school and elementary students in an after-school program. She has helped them with homework, organized lesson plans, and activities incorporating the arts.

She is excited to be able to help her students in the transition to online learning and help them with their homework virtually, just the same way she would in person. She is comfortable in teaching all subjects, but she is the most interested in History and English. She wants her students to know that with the right effort and dedication, they can understand and do anything.  

Gabriella Hakopian 

Gabriella is a current International Relations student focusing on foreign policy, human rights, and 

national security.

She is really excited to meet the new students! She wants to help out and learn more about everyone and hopefully build some great bonds! She is extremely passionate about reading, writing, U.S. history, Constitutional Law and any subject that involves a lot of reading and research! She is excited to share and hopefully spark this passion with her students. 

Haroula Reitz

Haroula attained her Ph.D. Degree in Organic Chemistry from Stanford University and her B.S. Degree in Chemistry from New York University. In addition, she has over 20 years of experience at Fortune 50 organizations including General Electric and Dow Corning. She is excited to support students to gain the needed skills that will be the  foundations to their future.   

She is confident in tutoring most subjects.  Ever since she was young, she’s always enjoyed math and science. To her, learning those subjects is similar to solving puzzles. She enjoys the practice of learning, so even if she is not an expert in a subject area, she is happy to work with her students to figure it out.   


Charlotte Maguy  

Charlotte is pursuing a degree in psychology at Stanford University. She is interested in psychology and community outreach, so she wanted to join to be a support group facilitator to be able help others. The “Finding Myself” group draws her in the most because she has struggled with finding herself throughout her life, and she wants to give others insight into how to gain confidence and self-acceptance in ways she wish she had known before. 

She hopes to help kids who are struggling or want extra support in school to get through these unprecedented times. She also wants to instil growth and learning in a practical sense but also in a personal sense. She hopes to create an environment that is a safe and friendly space.  

Gabby Smith  

Gabby is a current Psychology/Business double major, minoring in Sports Studies and Exercise Science at St. Lawrence University, NY. She wants to do her best to help and provide to support to those around her. 

Every day, she aspires to provide hopefulness and happiness to those around her through the power of conversation and learning from previous experiences.  She hopes to provide a safe and supportive space where support group members can feel comfortable sharing their own experiences and support one to move forward in a positive direction from hopeless to hopeful!  She wants to let everyone know that they are always open for new members to join and are here to support you with open arms!   

Sandy Mei  

Sandy is a fourth year at the University of California, San Diego majoring in Clinical Psychology. She wanted to become a support group facilitator because when she was a child and needed mental health assistance, she was scared to reach out because she was afraid of being judged. Due to this, she wants to help children get the help they need early on, and before they reach adulthood, as it would deeply impact their mental health. 

She wants to help educate children and kids who are struggling with mental health and assist them in overcoming the stigmas and barriers that many face. 

Rachel Cheng   

Rachel is a current Chemistry and Sociology major at the University of California, Irvine.

She wanted to be a support group facilitator because she has had experience with being in a support group and has seen how much it helps to have people offering a listening ear and overall support. Her goal is to be an active listener and offer support to the students.   

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