May 4, 2022

The Best way to spend your day off: 6 Different Ways To Spend Your Weekends As A Student

Maria Cardenas

There’s no arguing that the weekends are meant for relaxation. But at the same time, one must just not be an idle vegetable on the couch. The weekend comes as a perfect time for you to relax, refresh, meditate, go around, get prepared, and plan certain things for next week. This article will tell you all the best ways to spend your weekends as a student.  

1. Take a Good Sleep 

Throughout the week, your body is active. You’re attending your lectures, working on assignments, participating in group studies…the list goes on. You’ve used a lot of physical energy to complete all of these tasks. The weekend is a good opportunity to relax your body. Sleep a bit longer than normal to allow your body and mind to unwind. Getting enough sleep over the weekend will recharge your batteries and prepare you for the next weekdays. 

The benefits of a good night’s sleep include: 

  • Improved grades 
  • Better memory 
  • Lower risk of obesity 
  • Decreased chances of getting sick 
  • Improved mood 

2. Embark On A Nature Walk 

Once you are sufficiently rested, consider spending some time with nature. Spending time in the woods can be very therapeutic as it offers you time away from technology. Moreover, it is relaxing and rejuvenating for the mind. Take a breath of fresh air and let your lungs enjoy it too. You can ask your colleagues to join you on a quick nature walk. This will help you build rapport with them and thereby, allow you to have a pleasant university experience. 

3. Explore Your Local Area 

As an international student in a whole new country, you’ll be tempted to check out your local area. The weekend is the perfect time for you to do this! One of the best student activities you can do is just wander around the old streets and alleyways near your UK university. If you’re into being active and getting out of your room, simply going for a walk is an excellent way to learn more about your local area, find interesting places to visit and even discover little pockets of town that you’ve never come across before. 

4. Catch Up With Studies 

As much as you want to simply unwind and relax during the weekend, your studies cannot completely take the back seat. The most important activity you have as a student is to do well academically. Student life can be fun and relaxing, but don’t we all have times when there’s one more essay to rush, or an important deadline to make? Sounds relatable, right? 

The quieter moments of the weekend can be a good chance to really digest what you’ve learned. Start preparing for the next part of the course, and also, do that extra reading you keep meaning to get round to! 

5. Earn Some Money 

Pursuing higher education abroad does not come cheap. You might have dipped into your savings or secured an education loan to the UK to fund your education. If you’ve chosen the latter then you probably know that your loan needs to be repaid with interest. Use the weekends to secure a part-time job, either within the university or elsewhere, so that you earn some extra cash to pay off your student debt.  

You can opt to work at your university’s administrative department, or if you are good at IT, you can contribute to the university’s technical support network. Obviously, make sure you don’t take on too much, but this experience can be a good way of earning some extra money and also gaining useful experience. 

6. Focus On Your Health  

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to obtain proper sleep and exercise during your university years. Being a ‘weekend warrior’ may be the norm in university, but any exercise is preferable to none – especially if you have a busy schedule from Monday to Friday. Make use of the weekend to spend some time cooking healthy, nutritious food. Consider making a large batch and stocking up your fridge and freezer, so that you’re never out of fuel for the long study sessions ahead in the weekdays. 







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Maria Cardenas

Maria is a volunteer/tutor at Thaddeus. She loves self-care, naps, teaching, learning, working out, pilates, listening and dancing to music, and eating at new restaurants as often as possible.