March 16, 2022

Sleep: How it affects your health

Jenna Theveny

As we start the new year, you might be thinking about how you can establish healthier habits in 2022. Maintaining good health is important, both physically and emotionally. Sleep is a critical aspect of maintaining good health. If you don’t have good sleep habits, you could be at risk of having poor health.  

Sleep can have an effect on anxiety and depression just like anxiety and depression can affect your sleep (O'Sullivan, 2016). Poor quality sleep could potentially make your anxiety and depression worse. While anxiety and depression could lead to lack of good quality sleep. If you are having either of these two problems it is essential that you seek out help so that your overall health does not take a hit.

The everyday foods and drinks that you consume could impact your sleep at night such as the stimulant known as caffeine (O'Sullivan, 2016). If you drink coffee or soda right before you go to bed, you might want to reconsider your habits. Some people have coffee in the morning to help wake themselves up. Therefore, if you drink coffee right before bed, you could be affecting your ability to fall asleep as the caffeine in the coffee might keep you awake.  

The environment in which sleeping takes place is critical and your bed should equate with sleep and sleep only; if you do other things in your bed/room besides sleep, you might be impacting your sleep quality (O'Sullivan, 2016). If you are the type of person that does work or homework in bed then your bed becomes a place where you work as well as sleep. This is problematic because now your brain is seeing your bed as a place of work which might result in trouble sleeping.  

Thus, as we enter into 2022, please make good quality sleep a priority in your daily life. Having a good night’s sleep will help with your overall physical and mental health.


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Jenna Theveny is a social work intern at Thaddeus.