May 10, 2023

Relaxation Tips for a Busy Work-Life Schedule 

Jasmine Lee

Meditation has countless benefits to both your physical and mental health. Practicing controlled breathing can help regulate stress levels, provide a good flow of oxygenated blood, and give our minds a space to properly reflect, regulate, and process our emotions (Vantis Life). Creating a safe space for yourself and your wellbeing and incorporating meditation into your daily life is a great way to relax and help maintain a balanced work-life. 

When we are stressed, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves in the most basic ways possible. While trying to maintain a work-life balance, make sure to eat and nourish your body with foods and to stay hydrated (Vantis Life). Resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, can cause long-term health concerns. 

Simply taking the time out of your day to take a break is an extremely helpful way to practice mindfulness and self-love: two concepts that should not be neglected. Taking walks, indulging in your favorite activities, taking breaks off of electronics and social media, and other various forms of self-care can be crucial to maintaining your work-life schedule (Vantis Life, Bustle). 

While we all are busy people with busy lives, it is important to have and maintain a balance between your work life and your personal life. Being too absorbed in one will have negative effects on the other. Although only a few tips and examples were mentioned, there are many other ways to relax and balance your work-life. Finding the ones that work for you and your lifestyle are crucial in determining the amount of aid that they will provide to you.  

Hi! My name is Jasmine Lee, and I am an HR Intern at Thaddeus Resource center. I enjoy playing video games, spending time with friends and family, and I do administrative work for the Human Resources Department.

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