October 4, 2022

Tips and Tricks to Cope with Stress

Erica Pon

 In this day and age, life has become more unpredictable than ever. One day you could be spending time with friends when all of a sudden you receive a text that reads, "Um hey, last night was fun, but I just tested positive for COVID." Your heart drops and your head starts to ache just thinking about how one must isolate themselves and monitor their health status for the next few days. Stress is almost inevitable and can be seen as the "silent killer" so it is important to properly manage stressful situations and identify when our body is in defensive mode. Below are some tips to achieve this practice successfully.



According to the Center for Ageing Young, there are 4 methods to avoid letting stress get the best of us.  

  1. Make Time for the Relationships:

When one is under a lot of stress, it is easy to isolate yourself and shut everyone out of your life. You may want to just find time to be alone and think. However, it is much more important to reach out to loved ones and utilize one's support system. A simple interaction with a friend or family member can make a huge difference in a person's mood.  

  1. Silence Negative Self-Talk:

Even when times are tough, it is key to find the light in a difficult situation. Overthinking may also occur so it is crucial to remind yourself that there is always some good in everything, whether you see it or not at first glance. Replace "Shoot, I wish I never did that!" or "Why does this keep happening to me?" with "My feelings and emotions are valid." or "I am strong and can handle any obstacle that the universe gives me."

  1. Sing It Out:

Although it may sound silly, music is a beautiful tool when managing stress and can distract you from whatever is going on at the moment. In addition, music also helps physiologically, lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So the next time you feel distressed, turn on the tunes and sing your heart out!

  1. Go For a Walk:

This next tip incorporates the significance behind living a healthy lifestyle. When in conflict, brain fog is very real and we are not thinking as logically or sanely as we would under calm conditions. Exercising, consuming nutritious meals, and staying positive can make one's day. When going on a walk, the negative activity in our brain is reduced and it is a great way to get some fresh air to clear our minds.  

Thank you for reading! I hope these tips were helpful and you were able to gain something useful. The next time you are experiencing any stress, don’t forget there are ways to cope with it and that tomorrow will always come!  


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Erica Pon is a Psychology intern for the AGAPE House at Thaddeus Resource Center. She recently graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and received Summa Cum Laude. She is spending her gap year interning and exploring graduate school and career options alongside traveling with her family.