August 2, 2022

Advice on How to Stay Motivated in College

Victoria Miles

When making the decision to attend college, you can be sure there will be times when things become challenging and you start questioning the journey. First off, know that you are not alone and that many students struggle to remain motivated while going to college, especially if they are juggling work or a family. However, there are ways to help students stay motivated and remember why they began the journey in the first place, whether it be for a better job or more money, etc. Here are 5 ways that a student can help motivate themselves.  

  1. Pursue Your Passion

When choosing your college program, choose the one that connects to your interests, personal values and goals. When the things we do have meaning, it helps connect us to our purpose. By remembering the why, it can be easier to stay motivated and persist.  


  1. Set and Organize Goals

Prioritizing is an important part of college. It can be really helpful if you create a calendar to help keep track of assignments and due dates. You can also schedule time to read, post, study, and take breaks. By continuing to stay on top of your assignments while taking time for yourself, you can decrease some of your stress and not become overwhelmed.  

  1. Create a Support System  

Having family and friends that are supportive and who can help hold you accountable can be a great way to stay motivated. These are the people who are going to tell you what it is you NEED to hear instead of what you WANT to hear! It can also be helpful when those same loved ones remind you of your goals and how much they believe in you.  

  1. Celebrate Your Wins  

It can be challenging completing all assignments by their deadline, especially if you are a student juggling work or other responsibilities. With that being said, treat or reward yourself whenever you feel proud or have accomplished a difficult task! You did a great job and you deserve it! Rewarding yourself helps to remind you that you are doing amazing and that you can absolutely do anything!  

  1. Take in the Whole Journey

While attending college, setbacks are inevitable. These setbacks do not mean that you have failed, they simply serve as a challenge you learn to rise above. You decided to go to college for a reason, and as you continue, you learn to develop resiliency and will be able to recognize your own strength to keep going.

Victoria attends Post University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Human Services. She currently works as a Psychiatric Technician at a Behavioral Health Center. She also attending an internship at The Thaddeus Resource Center, as a Psychology intern for the AGAPE House. In her free time she enjoys reading, watching Hulu, and spending time with her husband and their two daughters and two dogs.