November 19, 2022

5 Benefits of Getting Adequate Sleep

Alyssa Aceves

5 Benefits of Getting Adequate Sleep

Did you know that sleeping is the key to a better quality of life? Sleep not only helps with the improvement of your mood, but it also helps with daily functions such as memory. Without enough sleep, you are bound to feel restless and struggle more throughout your day. For this reason, sleep is most important!

  1. Reduces stress & improves your mood

We all have busy days. The stress from our jam-packed day can cause us to feel overwhelmed and even cranky. Sleep helps your body relax and helps better prepare for the following day.

  1. Helps you think more clearly

With a clouded mind, you can’t seem to focus on anything. Even if it’s something you are used to doing, your brain can’t seem to comprehend it properly. This is because a lack of sleep results in the body not being well-rested, meaning there is no time to recover from previous days.

  1. Helps with improving memory

When you are asleep, your brain makes connections. It analyzes thoughts & occurrences throughout the day, linking to memories. It allows you to reflect on the day and form these connections through your subconscious mind. Thus, when you wake up, you are able to have better recollections.

  1. Helps your cognitive function

A well-rested body can perform better. If you don’t sleep, you may have a harder time at performing daily tasks. This is due to the body not getting enough rest and not having enough recovery. Just as our mental aspect needs to recover, so does the physical aspect.

  1. Helps keep your body healthy and aids in weight loss

When you don’t sleep, the hormones that control appetite are disrupted, causing your metabolism to slow down. According to research, those who sleep less are more likely to become overweight in the future. Sleep is necessary for all around recovery.


Alyssa Aceves is a Psychology student at the University of California, Riverside. While going to school, she also takes on the role of a psychology intern at Thaddeus Resource Center. After graduating college, she aspires to be a clinical therapist to help others achieve a more peaceful life. Her hobbies include reading, exercising, and meditating.